Driver and Crew

Dead Pedal Racing counts among its members a former IMSA crew chief, a Maserati parts expert, lifelong racing enthusiasts, and even a few ambitious novices. We’ve learned a lot of lessons since our first race in 2014, and have since become regular ChampCar contenders.


Here’s a list of drivers and key crew members who have contributed to this journey.  We are always looking for qualified drivers and pit crew folks (a smile, pulse and ability to bring good beer are some of the requirements) — although some racing experience and / or knowing the difference between a screwdriver and a ratchet would be good too.

Current and past drivers:

Eric Peterson

Craig Peterson

Lenny Celeberti: When he’s not driving something fast on a race track, Lenny is The Guy for Italian car owners who say “I got a guy.” If you’re in need of parts for a very stylish hole in your bank account, be sure to check him out at

Allen Becker: 

Ian Peterson: Ian is the reason all these tall Petersons were forced to install sliders on the racing seat. He lives in Denver with his wife, two small boys, a large tabby, and a very needy Volkswagen. Despite being the token IT professional on the team, no, he can’t fix your computer, so stop asking, dad. He promises to try and not hit anything or be too slow.

Orrie Peterson

Dale LaRue

Rich Labas

Current and past key crew members:

Of course, the mediocrity of the drivers can’t be fully realized with crew members. How else will we put out the inevitable electrical fire in the beautiful Italian engine bay, spill fuel all over the paddock, or really make sure that bolt is stripped? Here are the heroes that enable the drivers’ poor decisions and minimize the consequences of those decisions.

Duane Wagner – Crew Chief

Chris Edwards

Alan Peterson

Brenda Peterson

Dave LaRue

Jeremiah Schweitzer


If all this nonsense doesn’t dissuade you, then you may be just the type of idiot we’re looking for! Click the “Get Started” button and we will get back to you.

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